Obedience Training

Training and Trainers - Obedience

Monday Night

Standard Obedience: Gillia Simpson

Scent - Intermediate: Alex Russell

Basic & Puppy training:  Denise Cawthorne

Basic Obedience

Our Obedience classes cater for dogs and handlers of differing abilities, from complete beginners to experienced handlers, and use Patience and Reward Based training methods.

Puppies have the opportunity to complete a Kennel Club Puppy Foundation course. This teaches a combination of Basic Obedience and Socialisation skills.

With practice you can then, if you wish, go on to complete the Kennel Club Good Citizen assessments at the various levels. Or you may just enjoy taking part in the classes.

Obedience training gives your dog some essential mental, as well as physical, exercise which will improve his well-being. Nervous dogs in particular often benefit from a well-structured regime.


Standard & Social obedience:  Gill Simpson

Scent - Intermediate: Alex Russell

Basic & Puppy Training:  Denise Cawthorne